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Date: Friday 17 August 2018

Time: 11.15–13.00 (followed by a continued discussion over lunch for those who can)

Meeting point: House on the grass area near to Södra huset

Meeting place

Structure of the lab:

This lab splits in to two sub-groups (A+B). Participants will be assigned at random on the day to one of two groups (approx. 15 ppl per group), who will move outdoors to undertake two different exercises (45mins).  We will then reconvene back together inside  on the 5th floor of Block F (photos below) for the closing discussion, reflecting on the respective experiences of each group, and on the overall theme of bodies in motion.

Discussion place (F, Floor 5)
Discussion venue after outdoors section of lab (5th floor, block F)


Group A – info.

“Only connect.” (E.M Forster)


We meet outdoors

We walk while we talk.

Hitting the forest, the shoes go off, and a story begins…

listening and walking, we reach a point in a clearing at which to pause. We sit down, and  conduct simple exercises, absorbing the multiple sensations of co-presence in the space.

A new story begins…

we go back inside, observing the world(s) surrounding us.

Lab group A aims at stimulating a journey towards stillness. Foregrounding a contemplative mode in the treatment of the panel’s theme, we question the hegemony of thought vis-à-vis being and motion.

In particular, we want to highlight and unpack the multilayered nature of perception in the context of the ethnographic encounter. What does it mean, and how does it feel to speak of ethnographic presence rather than ethnographic present?

Moving against the drive for analysis and explanation (and the consequent instrumentality of relations) we want to instigate a capacity to foreground perceptive meaning by emphasising sensory engagements as a modality for engaging with the world surrounding us; such as listening, feeling, touching, breathing in space(s).

In a way we are questioning the fundamental basis of the hunt for ‘thick descriptions’.

Group B – info.

“My mind only works with my legs.” (J-J. Rousseau)

This session aims to help us address how we, as ethnographers, each experience – with distinction and similarly – the pace of ‘hyper-modern’ fieldwork.

The idea in this group is to allow participants to acknowledge and challenge issues of (fixed or changing) pace, rhythm, tempo, velocity and flow surrounding their own movements as well as the people, ‘things’, and contexts circulating around us at every moment.

Lab parcours
Group B route





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